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Transportation in Germany

Round the year, Germany is crowded with worldwide tourists. Conveyance is not a problem at all in Germany . Every care is taken to provide public transport to all visitors in Germany . All cities have developed an excellent network of surface and underground public transportation in Germany. With buses, subways and rapid-transit railways, destinations can be reached quickly and easily at a reasonable price. Following details about the public transport in Germany are given.

• Flights :
Frankfurt International Airport is the main gateway for transcontinental flights, although Düsseldorf and Munich also receive their share of overseas air traffic. There are also sizeable sizeable airports in Hamburg, Cologne/Bonn and Stuttgart, and smaller ones in such cities as Bremen, Dresden, Erfurt, Hanover, Leipzig, Münster-Osnabrück and Nuremberg.

Some of Europe's new budget airlines - Ryan Air in particular - keep their fares low by flying to some pretty odd and remote airports, some of which are little more than recycled military airstrips. The biggest of these is Frankfurt-Hahn, which is actually near the Moselle River, about 110km northwest of Frankfurt proper.

• Railroads :
Long-distance trains connecting major German cities with those in other countries are called EuroCity trains. The most comfortable travel option is to take an overnight train. You can choose between sleepers, which are comfortable compartments for up to three people, with washbasin; couchettes, which sleep between four and six people; and seat carriage, which have roomy, seats. On daytime trains, reservations are highly recommended, especially during the peak summer season and around major holidays. They can be made as late as a few minutes before departure.

The railroad system in Germany has been privatized in recent years. The former government-owned Deutsche Bundesbahn is now called Deutsche Bahn AG and organized like any big German corporation, although its majority stockholder is still the German government. Private and foreign companies are now free to operate on the German railroad net.

• Buses & Cars :
There are several budget bus companies who run services to Germany from the rest of Europe and the UK. Prices are very appealing and the buses are getting more and more comfortable; if you're traveling in an off-season or are traveling short distances, they are good bet. If you're already in Europe, it's generally cheaper to get to and from Germany by train or bus. While train travel is often more expensive than catching a bus, it's generally faster, more comfortable and more efficient. Germany is served by an excellent highway system connected to the rest of Western Europe . Roads from Eastern Europe are being upgraded but some border crossings are a little slow, especially from Poland. To enter Germany with a car or motorbike, you must have third-party insurance. Ferries run between Germany 's northern coast and Scandinavia and the UK.

Enjoy and experience towns and landscapes in a relaxing way. Lean back and enjoy the view of diverse landscapes from large bus windows or visit one of Germany´s famous towns.

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