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Food and Restaurants in Germany

Germany has very rigorous food laws. It is against the law to use growth hormones for cattle. Veggies and fruits are not exposed to radiation to preserve them forever and menus must show the chemicals that have been used. German restaurants offer a great variety of different dishes. Each region had its own specialties. You also will find many ethnic restaurants, where you can enjoy fine food from around the world. Be aware that beer is very often cheaper than pop. Beer is more or less offered everywhere, even at Mcdonald.

Try to accept the dishes as they come, don't order a roasted duck with ketchup. Don't ask for a breaded Schnitzel with "Spätzle" or dumplings, even when you know this from at home. The local people will turn green only by hearing about such a combination or they think you must be from another planet. The prices on the menu includes not only all applicable taxes, they also include the tip. Of course the waiter or the waitress will never turn down anything extra. If you find bread, rolls or pretzel on your table or you order them, you will be charged for every piece that you consume. In almost all restaurants you choose without assistance the table where you want to sit.

Some of the popular restaurants in Germany are listed below

  • Rocco Restaurant
  • Tiger Restaurant
  • Higematsu Restaurant
  • Gugelhof Restaurant
  • Rossini Restaurant
  • Miles Smiles Restaurant
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