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Climate in Germany

To enjoy your vacation the climate of the country plays an important role and the climate of Germany is varied, as is the country. However, mostly the Germany climate is temperate. Most of the region of Germany lies in the cool temperate zone, it experiences the humid westerly winds blow, and is the one factor that decides much of the type of the climate that Germany has. The climate is of the oceanic type in the north and the north -west and there is rainfall through out the year.

Climate in Germany during the summer and winter months
Visitors would find the winters quite mild and thus very enjoyable. Even the summers too are quite cool. But as one heads eastwards the climate becomes more of the continental type and the winters can be very cold and such conditions remain for long times. The country’s Rhine Valley region is very hot and the Bavarian Alps experience the snowiest and the coldest of winters. Whereas the upper areas of Bavaria are fairly warm as the “Fohn” from the south blows and summers are pretty hot too.

Germany climate extremities

Country also faces some extremities, which is experienced as there are not only extended hot and cold periods but there are periods of dryness that is recorded. A transitional type of climate is seen in the southern and the central parts of Germany, which can be either the continental or the oceanic type. This might vary according to the existing general weather conditions in the area.
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