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Set in the beautiful Rhine valley between the Siebengebirge hills and the Eifel, Bonn enjoys a rich heritage from its 2,000-year history. In the past half-century, however, Bonn has gone through dramatic changes. In 1949, the quiet university town was turned into the western capital of a divided Germany (mainly because Konrad Adenauer lived here). When reunification led the government to return to Berlin in the late 1990s, the city changed its course and became a centre for enterpreneurs and businessmen.


Bonn Tourist Attractions

-› The University and the late Baroque Royal Palace :

Not many universities can boast to be housed in such a beautiful building as the Bonn University. This amazing Baroque palace was built for the Elector Joseph Klemens in 16007-1705. Enrico Zuccalle designed the palace. It was later extended after 1715 by Robert de Cotte. The university was founded in 1818.

-› Beethoven House :

Birthplace of the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven, with museum. Ludwig was born here and lived in this house until the age of 22. The house itself is in Baroque style. After he left at the age of 22, he never came back to his home town again. The museum has a large collection of memorabilia from the life of the most famous German composer.

-› Museum Mile :

Alongside the road on the right bank of the Rhine are several museums :  the Kunstmuseum Bonn (Art Museum), the Alexander Koenig Museum,  the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle (Art and Exhibition Hall) and the Haus der Geschichte ( German History Museum ).

-› Schloss Poppelsdorf with the Botanical Gardens :

Poppelsdorf is a classical Bonn district. With its lovely houses dating from the 1871-3 and art nouveau periods, this area is one of the most popular residential areas. Around the Poppeldorfer Castle and Botanical Gardens there are many nice cafes, restaurants and pubs. The neighbouring Südstadt is also lovely and just as popular, with many nice student pubs.

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