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Nuremberg is one of the popular cities in Germany. In Nuremberg artists such as Albrecht Dürer created their famous works of art. The old city also provides the backdrop for numerous events such as the International Bard Meet in July, Germany's largest "Old City" festival in September and the world-famous "Christkindlesmarkt" market in December.

Nuremberg Tourist Attractions
-› Nürnberg's Castle :

Nürnberg's castle is perhaps the most important monument in the city. It was the custom for Teutonic (Germanic) people in medieval Europe to set up a castle, around which a town would develop. Nürnberg was founded in the 11th century as the residence of Kaiser (Emperor) Heinrich III and a city quickly followed, which became an important trade center. It was also the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, which began when the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church crowned the first Emperor on Christmas day in the year 800 AD.

-› Königstor :

The original city of Nürnberg was established inside a defensive brick wall guarded by 46 fortified towers, and 5 km long. It is surrounded by a moat filled with water and then another outside wall. There were five main gates into the city, four of which are still standing, including the Königstor (Kings's Gate), which is located across from the main railroad station and is the first piece of Nürnberg history that most tourists see. It has taken over 50 years to repair the damage done by a few weeks of bombing on these truly impressive structures.

-› Dürerhaus :

This is also the  Dürerhaus (Dürer House) is to be found.  Here the first genius of the Renaissance in Germany directed the development of many of Germany 's best artists and did some of his finest work. An elegant souvenir of Nürnberg is a copy of one of his wonderful prints, dated 1504 or so! Pack it in a rigid cover and carry it home to be well framed and enjoyed for the rest of your life.

-› Schöner Brunnen :

Admire the wonderful Schöner Brunnen ("Beautiful Fountain") on the main market (Hauptmarkt) and its fabled brass ring.  The fountain had to be walled in to prevent damage from the droves of bombers. And it was here that the American Army forces held their celebration of the capture of the city in WWII. Now you can browse among the throngs of colorful street vendors and produce sellers and take dozens of pictures of this square which is now so peaceful.

-› Seebalder Altstadt :

The Seebalder Altstadt, which is also part of the parish that belongs to the St.Sebaldus-Kirche has always been the more affluent of the two. The impressive Kaiserburg and attractions such as the municipal museum are a favourite with tourists and the old artisan's lane the Weißgerbergasse make people think of Nuremberg 's medieval standing.

-› Zeppelin Stadium :

A very special sightseeing attraction is the Zeppelin Stadium. It was here that Hitler held his gigantic, mesmerizing Nürnberg rallies. Albert Speer, Hitler's favourite architect was in charge of the project and what followed was a building project that transformed older buildings such as the Kongreßhalle and created new ones such as the Zeppelin Tribune. Even today, the greying landscape serves to link Nuremberg to the Third Reich. In the post-war period there was much debate on which attitude to adopt to the former Party Rally grounds.

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