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Freiburg im Breisgau City Information Freiburg im Breisgau Hotels

Freiburg, a popular city in Germany, is located at the southern tip of the Black Forest, close to both France (3 km away) and Switzerland (42 km away). Although still a small city, its population has steadily grown through the years, now reaching over 200,000 residents.

Freiburg im Breisgau Tourist Attractions
-› The "Kaufhaus" (Trade House) :

Um 1520-32 von Lienhart Müller für die städtische Marktverwaltung gebaut. Bildnerischer Schmuck 1530-32 von Sixt von Staufen. Balustrade 1550. 1946-47 Tagungsort der Beratenden Versammlung, 1947-51 Badischer Landtag.

-› Cathedral with the "most beautiful spire in Christen-dom" :

The Freiburg Cathedral (Münster) was built as a local church as from 1200 and was used to house the tombs of the Zähringer. Around 1220 the church was rebuilt in Gothic style and the Western Tower was completed by 1330. The choir was constructed between 1354 and 1513. Today, the cathedral is still the Metropolitan Church of the church province of the Upper-Rhine area.

-› The old and new Town Halls :

At the "Rathausplatz" (Town hall square) stand the old and the new town halls of Freiburg . The old one dates from 1557-1559 and was obtained bei transforming several older houses into one major building. In later years (1561 and 1600) the town hall was enlarged. The façade of the building one originally painted.

The new town hall was only installed between 1896 and 1901, but like the old one, the origin of the building also consists of older houses that were transformed.  In 1578-1581 the "Zum Phönix" house was joined with the older "Zum Rechen" house. It was formerly used as the seat of the University and later as a hospital.

-› St. Martin 's Gate :

The original name of this gate was " Norsinger Tor".  It is the oldest defence and watch tower of the city's fortifications. In 1901-1903 the tower was considerably enlarged by C. Schäfer.

-› Schwabentor Gate :

This watch and defence towerehr was constructed around 1250-1270. In 1901 it was made higher by C. Schäfer. In 1953-54 the higher part was partially taken away. On the wall facing outwards is the image of St.George, the city's patron (made in 1903 by F. Geiges).

-› "Gerichtslaube" :

Built before 1303 and transformed around 1551-52. In 1498 the Reichstag (German Parliament) was held here. Because the building was later used as the Town Court Hall, it was named "Gerichtslaube" as from 1547. The Second World War left the building in ruins but in 1975-1979 is was reconstructed.

-› Haus um Walfisch (The Whale House) :

In the Franziskanerstrasse stands the beautiful House of the Whale, that was built in 1514-16 for Jakob Villinger, the general Lord of the Treasury of Maximilian I. After transformations in the 18th and 19th century is was thoroughly rebuilt in 1909-11. Also this house had to be reconstructed in 1946-1948 after the ravages of the war.

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