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Dresden has been rebuilt since the wartime destruction of 1945: historical the unique silhouette along the Elbe, soon to be crowned once more by the dome of the Frauenkirche, generously modern the southern precincts of the city centre, lovingly restored the Neustadt quarter. Dresden is in this way not only pointing to the splendor of former times and the outstanding significance of art, science and technology, but at the same time developing creative and future-oriented projects.

Dresden Tourist Attractions
-› Elbflorenz :

Dresden, the capital city of Saxony, is fast reassuming its position as one of Europe's most beautiful cities. It has always been a leader in culture and architecture, hence the name" Elbflorenz" (Florence at the Elbe river). All this came to a fiery end in February, 1945, when British bombers caused a firestorm that killed 25,000 citizens, mostly women and children, and destroyed almost all of Dresden 's historical and architectural monuments.

-› Fürstenzug :

One of the most remarkable monuments in the city is the so-called " Fürstenzug " (procession of the dukes). It is situated in the Langer Gang (Long walk), a long building erected in 1586-1591, which connects the Residential Castle with the Johanneum Museum. The elegant façade facing the courtyard is decorated with sgraffito and has shady arcades supported by slim columns. It provided an excellent backdrop for tournaments and parades. The wall facing the street features the so-called Fürstenzug, a vast 102m long frieze depicting the procession of many Saxon rulers.

-› Zwinger :

Dresden wouldn't be Dresden without the "Zwinger", a beautiful Baroque structure. The name means "intermural". It was built in the space between the former town fortifications. Commissioned by August the Strong, it was constructed in 1709-1739 according to a design by Matthäus Poppelmann. The spacious courtyard, once used to stage tournaments, festivals and firework displays, is completely surrounded by galleries into which are set pavilions and gates. Today it houses several museums.

-› Hofkirche :

The "Hofkirche" is a monumental Baroque royal church, built between 1738-1751. The large tower is visible from afar. It was the Catholic Cathedral of the Dresden-Meissen Diocese since 1780. The church was commissioned by August the Strong and designed by the Italian architect Gaetano Chiaveri. Rebuilt after the Second World War, it features a magnificent Rococo pulpit by Balthasar Permoser.

-› Residenzschloss :

The "Residenzschloss" ( Residential Castle ) was the former residence of the Wettin family. It was built in stages from the late 15th to the 17th centuries. The most recent extensions were added in 1889 and 1901. A vast, irregular, multi-wing complex of buildings, the castle is not yet fully restored. The wings which have been completed are now used for temporary exhibitions. The Hausmannsturm, a tall tower, affords a great view of Dresden.

-› Procession of Princes (Mural) :

This stately mural decorating the wall of a former palace represents the rules of 35 Saxon kings. The mural was built from 25,000 colored porcelain pieces and is crafted in the Italian Renaissance style. The work hangs over the region of the royal grounds that was once set aside for sporting events and riding competitions.

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